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The Family Council on Drug Awareness has produced an extensive series of educational handouts. Among these are the following. Please download, print off, pass out and refer to these documents to educate the public about the facts surrounding drugs and the Drug War.

Marijuana: 10 things every parent, teacher and teenager should know

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Marijuana's overall effect on health

Download as a PDF file (28k)

Marijuana's physiology

Download as a PDF file (48k)

Marijuana and the Bible,

Download as a PDF file (52k)

Marijuana and the Torah

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The Drug War: How much longer will this scene be accepted?

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Why DARE is bad for schools, police, parents and kids,

Marijuana: America's Prisoners of Conscience

Five things you can do today to restore hemp.

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We also publish excerpts from various reports and government documents such as the

California Attorney General's Research Advisory Panel's 20th Annual Report (1989),

California's Attorney General John Van deKamp received a proposal from his prestigious Research Advisory Panel that the best way to undercut the illicit market without running afoul of the federal Interstate Commerce authority would be to legalize cultivation, possession and transfer (giving away) of small amounts of cannabis without legalizing sales directly. This is a non-regulated, non-taxed model of legalization.
Download as a PDF file (16k)

The Single Convention Treaty on Narcotic Drugs (1961)

The Single Convention is the primary international treaty on cannabis and other source plants. It authorizes nations to allow and regulate medical marijuana and industrial hemp within its borders. If a nation allows medical or personal use of cannabis it is to establish one or more oversight agencies to prevent it from being diverted to the illegal international market. A member state can leave the treaty by advising the UN it intends to do so. This PDF includes relevant excerpts of the official document.
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Judge Francis Young's ruling in the matter of medical marijuana rescheduling (1988).

After 18 years of legal wraggling and review of all scientific and legal materials and arguments put forth by both sides, the DEA's own Administrative Law Judge Francis Young held that marijuana should be moved out of schedule 1 (prohibited) drugs and made available for research and patient use. This document excerpts the judge's reasoning in ordering the DEA to comply. However, an appeals court subsequently ruled that while the DEA should do so, there is no time limit on how long it can delay doing its duty to scientifically classify cannabis. So far 15 years have elapsed since his order. Download as a PDF file (16k)

FCDA literature and PDF files



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