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"Responsible decisions based on accurate information."

What is the Family Council on Drug Awareness (FCDA)

We are a family-based group that encourages honesty, moderation, personal responsibility and human rights in relation to both drugs and drug policy.


Thank you for your interest in the Family Council on Drug Awareness. The FCDA relies on people like you to distribute our literature, pass along our web links and send us financial donations.

The FCDA is a community-based think tank that does research analysis and provides accurate information on the effects of both drugs and drug policy. Its director and administrator, Chris Conrad, and his wife, Mikki Norris, founded the council in 1989 to develop and present reliable, factual information about drugs and drug policy. Its mission is to serve as a tool to educate the public and policy makers and to build personal responsibility and public safety. Hence our slogan: "Responsible choices based on accurate information."

The FCDA makes effective use of coalition activity, and broad advisory input is achieved through its networking with other community organizations. It also operates the website It communicates with grassroots activists throughout the USA and parts of Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These regional advisors gauge the concerns being expressed in their home community and the FCDA develops brochures, leaflets and other educational matter to addresses those concerns as clearly as possible. It prints and distributes some printed matter, but mostly provides master copies for others to reproduce, with a space set aside for local contact information to encourage community building.

Through this process we have produced an extensive series of educational handouts. Among these are "10 things every parent, teacher and teenager should know about marijuana," "Marijuana and the Bible," "The Drug War: How much longer will this scene be accepted?" "Why DARE is bad for schools, police, parents and kids," "Marijuana: America's Prisoners of Conscience," and "Five things you can do today to restore hemp." We publish excerpts from various reports and government documents such as the California Attorney General's Research Advisory Panel's 20th Annual Report (1989), The Single Convention Treaty on Narcotic Drugs (1961), and Judge Francis Young's ruling in the matter of medical marijuana rescheduling (1988).

Based on its research, the FCDA determined that honest education, consistent and harm-based drug regulation including medicalizing hard drugs and setting an age of consent for cannabis use comprise a reasonable policy to protect children and families while respecting the personal responsibility of adults. It promotes human rights, compassionate government regulation, social tolerance, and removing the stigma from people who consume illicit drugs so they can reintegrate into society. FCDA also advocates on behalf of drug war prisoners and their families and was instrumental in the formation of the organization, Human Rights and the Drug War. FCDA does not propose or sponsor specific legislation, but it does provide general educational materials to legislators and their staff.

Thank you again for any support you choose to offer.

-- Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris

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