Some prominent Hempsters of the Reform Movement.

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Chris Conrad with Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, in 1994.

"One day in 1988, Chris Conrad of Los Angeles, CA, read The Emperor. He became my ally. With his endless energies, editing and publishing talents and willingness to work 40 hours per week for almost five months, all the while holding down full-time responsibilities as production manager at a major weekly newspaper, as well as many other responsibilities for numerous organizations and causes. Chris did all this without any compensation, yet he worked like he was getting paid a million for it. Chris is one of the most powerful, energetic, skilled and organized human beings I have ever known. He is a light bulb for all mankind. He designed every inch of this book and was its main editor and enthusiast.

"During all this time his wife, Mikki Norris, lent her support in so many ways to this project."

-- Jack Herer, 1990

Chris collaborated on researching and preparing the landmark 1990 edition of the book, also editing and designing the content. His organization, Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH) produced and widely promoted the publication for several years, as well.


Chris Conrad at the Seattle Hemp Fest with Vivian McPeak and Dennis Peron, 1998.

The Seattle and Boston Hemp Fests are the two largest annual pro-cannabis reform rallies in the country. They get an average of 50,000+ people in attendance per year. Vivian McPeak is one of the major organizers of the event.


Chris Conrad with Dave Martin and Chris Boucher of The Hempstead Company at the Imperial Valley (California) experimental hemp patch, 1994.

Imperial Valley, CA, site of the first hemp crop grown in the USA since the 1950s. This was a US Department of Agriculture research crop grown in 1994 in conjunction with Hemp Agrotech, Inc. The California Attorney General at the time ordered state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement officers to enter the federal facility and destroy the low-THC industrial hemp crop.

San Francisco Million Marijuana March / Pot Pride Parade