Equal Rights Are For Everybody.

Cannabis Smokers are not second class citizens. Adults have the legal right to consume alcohol, tobacco and other legal drugs; but are criminalized if they choose cannabis (pot, marijuana), a natural herb. That is neither reasonable nor fair. When arbitrary laws target and deprive people of their freedom, their jobs, their homes, their children, their driver's license, educational benefits, opportunities and other human and civil rights, that is discrimination. When propaganda campaigns attack their character and reputation, that is bigotry. A person should be judged by their actions, not by their urine.

This is not a matter of special privilege, but one of equal rights. Equal protection before the law is guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Cannabis smokers, you deserve to be treated fairly. Come out of the closet and stand up for your equal rights: "Liberty and justice for all."

Call your elected officials: The discriminatory ban on adult cannabis use must be ended now.

Discrimination Is Wrong.

Equal Rights for Pot Smokers!


Pot smokers come from all walks of life.

Cannabis consumers are professionals, working people, artists, musicians, athletes, teachers and students. They have good relationships with their families, contribute to their communities, pay taxes, desire a safe and healthy environment for their children, and are otherwise law-abiding. They are indistinguishable from our non-smoking peers, yet they are routinely discriminated against because of their decision to use cannabis for medical, spiritual, social, or other personal purposes.

The chart below shows some examples of how unfairly they are treated, and it's been going on for too long. Demand equal rights.

People who consume alcohol or tobacco:

Can use and possess alcohol and tobacco in private or often in public without fear of arrest as long as they use it responsibly (and are not minors)


Have the right to privacy and to own a home and keep a personal supply on hand to share. Their private property, cash, cars, bank accounts and assets are legally secure.


Can live in public housing safely where people can sit in the front yard to drink, smoke and socialize without any recrimination.



Parents can still drink or have a cigarette. In a divorce, they are generally given preference over pot smokers for custody of their children, regardless of which is the better parent. Pregnant mothers keep their children.


Hold and keep a job if they use alcohol on their own time. They are not screened for alcohol or tobacco as a condition for employment.


Can get education and student loans if caught drinking or smoking, even when underage.



Have freedom of religion to use alcohol as a religious sacrament, even when given to minors.

People who smoke or grow cannabis:


Are subject to criminal penalties, fines, possible arrest, prosecution anywhere, and can be sent to prison for simple possession, regardless of age or responsible use.


May be subjected to asset forfeiture and lose their home or business if cannabis is found. Cash, private property, cars, bank accounts and assets are constantly at risk.


May be kicked out of public housing if a friend or family member smokes marijuana on their property &emdash; even without their knowledge.


May be arrested and lose their children if they use cannabis. They are discriminated against in child custody battles. Pregnant women may lose their right to their children if they test positive for marijuana.


Are subjected to drug testing and banned from employment, may lose pensions, and get fired if they test positive for using cannabis, even if it was on their own time.


Can lose student loans and educational opportunities if arrested for marijuana. Students can be expelled from school if found with marijuana, even as adults.


Are prohibited from using cannabis and face arrest if they use it as a religious sacrament only among adults.

Call your elected officials: The discriminatory ban on adult cannabis use must be ended now.

Discrimination Is Wrong.

Equal Rights for Pot Smokers.

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