Friends and Families of Cannabis Consumers

You don't have to smoke pot to know that the marijuana laws are wrong.

Our friends and family members include pot smokers!

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Dear Friend,

I'm writing to you today about a problem that affects us both. More than 71 million Americans have tried marijuana. Everybody knows someone who uses it, whether we realize it or not. Most of us now know and love somebody who uses cannabis, perhaps for medical reasons. These are good people who contribute to society and deserve the same respect and legal rights as people who have an occasional drink or who use tobacco &emdash; as well as those who choose to abstain.

It can be amusing to see the mocking "stoner" stereotype created by the media. But that stigma, along with the lies in government propaganda, has led to discrimination, draconian penalties and the arrests of more than 13 million Americans for cannabis. Their reputations are smeared. Their lives turned upside down. Sometimes the government even takes away their children, homes, or businesses. Some 60,000 adults are locked behind bars today for cannabis. If any of your family members are discriminated against or arrested, you are also affected by the prejudice. All this over a natural herb, grown by our Founding Fathers &emdash; including Washington and Jefferson.

You don't have to use marijuana to know that the laws are wrong. For too long we have stood by as friends and family members have been denigrated and discrim-in-ated against in jobs, housing, education and custodial rights. This is a travesty. All that the hate-mongering, anti-cannabis bigots need to complete their "cultural cleansing" is for us to remain silent. Well, no more.

I have family members and lots of good friends who use cannabis, and I'm tired of seeing them treated as second class citizens. They do not deserve to be locked away. You may have heard about a "hidden agenda" of the reform movement. Well, here is mine: To make our message of dignity and tolerance heard. We must send the message that anti-cannabis bigotry is no more acceptable than is racism, sexism or homophobia.

So, please join our effort. Come to our website to become activated. We will not "out" anyone without permission. Fill out our survey and please sign the "release" at the end of the form, to give us permission to use your information. Any contributions are also appreciated. Thank you.

-- Chris Conrad,
Director, Friends and Families of Cannabis Consumers

PO Box 1716, El Cerrito CA 94530 USA / Email:

The marijuana laws are bigotry codified!

Here's what people are saying:

"I don't smoke marijuana, but my friends who do smoke it are nice people who do not deserve to be punished and discriminated against." 

"I don't smoke marijuana, but I know people who do and the PDFA's depiction of them offends me." 

"The only way to keep it out of kids hands is to regulate it for adult use and run public education campaigns on sensible cannabis use."

Sign up a friend or family member today!

What a great way to come out to people!

You: "Hey, Mom, guess what? I just signed you up in the FFCC!"

Mom: "Oh, that's nice. What does FFCC stand for?"

You: "Friends and Families of Cannabis Consumers."

Mom: "But I don't know any cannabis consumers!"

You: "Oh, yes you do. And you don't want me to go to prison, do you?"

Mom: "Of course not. I love you, and I'll tell the world! Responsible adults should not be penalized for using a natural herb! The law has got to change."

You: "That's the spirit! Now tell all your friends, and let's both lobby Congress and the State legislature to restore equal rights for cannabis consumers. It's only fair."

Mom: "Let's go!"

Click here for a downloadable PDF copy of our survey

Have you heard about the Cannabis Consumers Campaign?

It's the "come out of the closet" effort for responsible adults who consume cannabis for personal or medical reasons. We encourage you to get involved with it, as well.

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